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TATA Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Navi Mumbai – Final Round Questions

1. What life saving instrument she invented?

2. Which group in 2007 announced  its plan to purchase an island called Sealand and become an independent nation?

3. Connect: Sher Shah Suri - Mario - D Udaya Kumar - Zelda - Title song from Sabse Bada Rupaiya

4. The origin of this can be traced back to an Italian monastery in 1792. As befits something made from a simple paste of sugar, almonds and free-range egg whites, they take their name from the Italian word for 'paste'.

5. Who is the author of this book?

6. Name the floriculture business set up by the Tatas in 1990.

7. What is vaping?

8. Connect: Amitabh Bacchan - United Nation

9. Oklahoma City, USA was the site for the world's first of such devices, where it was installed in July 1935. An invention of Gerald A. Hale and professor H. G. Thuesen of Oklahoma State University, the first person to be arrested for an offence related to this was the Reverend C. H. North of the third Pentecostal Church of Oklahoma City in August 1935. What are we talking about?

10. Which retail chain he founded?

11. The TATA brand has partnered with Sony Music Entertainment to reveal unique 'My Land, My Music' collaboration to create a powerful celebration of music and cultural divesity across the Arab region.

12. Who gave the United Nations a USD 8.5 million cheque to pay for the land site for its headquarters?

13. What he co-founded?

14. It was invented by English engineer Richard Clyburn in 1842. Then known as an English key, the design was improved upon by Johan Petter Johansson and marketed by the bacho company of Sweden in 1892. Which tool?

15. This Tata Steel subsidiary was earlier known as Rawment Ferrous Industries Pvt. Ltd.?

16. This guy's wife lent him Rs.50,000 to set up a garage in Andheri. He realized that business is what he wanted to do. In 1999, he started a garage named Elite Class. He used to offer vehicle repairs and annual maintenance services to customers. Name the businessman and his most popular business.

17. Connect: Varun Dhawan - 'Move in style' - John Abraham - Deepak Pirmal

18. Which magazine began as Hara-Kiri in 1960, founded by Georges Bernier and Francois Cavanna?

19. ATM outsourcing service provider, Tata Communications Payment Solutions, plans to provide value-added services to make WLAs more viable. Expand WLAs.

20. Which company he formed?


22. In 1918, Ford Edison, Burroughs and Firestone set off on a lengthy camping trip from Pennsylvania to Tennessee through the Great Smoky Mountains. What did they call themselves?

23. What is he drinking?


Contributed by Prashant Singh Chauhan

1.Estee Lauder perfume in who's grave-Andy Wharole

2.Indian surname means 'A piece of land'-Patel

3.5% tax removed in 2011 by Indian Govenment-Misery Tax

4.Question of John Nash

5.BK Modi Nickname-JV Modi

6.Most Sold coyprighted book-Guiness book

7.Hyderabad in Pakistan and Moradabad in Imdia are famous for-Bangles

8.Pic of Sarah Lee

9.Henkel Subsidary Dreiring creted-FA


11.Dunlop in Australia created-Ansell corporation

12.Golden Manger game pic-Gerard Pique

13.Costlist Cracker of India Ques

14.Techni Color Corporation

15.First Indian Female CEO of fortune 500 company-SBI Cheif

16.New browser of Microsoft-Edge

17.Created on Andy Warhol recomendation best design of century-Coca Cola Logo

18.Percy Pig patent owned by M&S

19.Texas Dropout changed computer selling business-Dell

20.Safe Roads CSR initiative by-Mercedes Benz

TATA Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Navi Mumbai – Preliminary Round Questions

1. Which annual parade associated with a departmental store started in 1924 and was suspended between 1942-44 during World War-II, owing to need for rubber and helium in the war effort?

2. What does FS stand for FSI index?

3. What was test marketed as Exton and some believed its a portmanteau of two cities?

4. Identify this businessman.

5. TAG Heuer's 'Seafarers' had a special dial-with blue, green and yellow patterns for what two purposes?

6. In 1864, what did Webster's dictionary refer as "a coarse cotton drilling used for overalls" etc?

7. Kolkata based J. Thomas & Co. formed in 1851 as Thomas Marter & Co is the world's oldest auction house of what?

8. What is this?

9. In 1882, American Express started its expansion in the area of financial services by launching what business to compete with the United States Post Office?

10. Which pharmaceutical company's logo is made up of a capsule and two pills?

11. V. Balakrishnan, former CEO of Infosys came up with the idea to raise funds for AAP. He called the campaign selfie with what?

12. Which brand can be associated with this gentleman?

13. Which organization is responsible for cleanliness of the famous Kashi Viswanath temple at Varanasi?

14. What is the term used to denote the practice of doing business with clients by meeting them in Gyms, Fitness Centers or doing a Jog, Run or Marathon called?

15. What invention that revolutionized retail world was patented in 1949 as 'Bulls Eye'?

16. Which country has this currency?

17. What is the Persian word for "Place of prices'?

18. What cleaning brand by Unilever was first produced in 1929 by Wilfred Handley and sold door-to-door by salesman who refilled stoneware jars bought by the customers?

19. Which Bollywood actress owns "Kaema Sutra"?

20. Name the tea brand.


Questions contributed by Ramani, who was the runnerup 

1.    What  was founded by Jonathan Gay, used in web page designing, animations etc ?

2.    What was introduced by a Syrian at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair by Ernest A. Hamwi?

3.    What was known as  PAD a moniker for a very popular vehicle  brand of India ?

4.    Identify the logo of this Indian air line, no more in operation ?


5.    Whose  initiative is “U” Education ?
Ronnie Screwala of UTV fame

6.    The name of which brand of India means “Limitless Expanse”?

7 .  Makus Persson also known as Notch, whose company Mojang  founded this video game, later sold it to Microsoft?

8.    The ________ World, a book by Porter Erisman. Identify ?

9.    In internet lingo in ‘TIL” if T is Today, I is I, what is L. TIL is Kaizen of internet.

10.    What was set up under “Young Plant” after WWI/
Bank of International Settlements

11.    What was founded by Richard Drew of 3M ?

12.    Which chocolate brand names comes from the surname of the founder ? Has connection with the mountains?
TOBBLERONE  (Theoder Tobler)

13.    Question about origin of Seven seas cod liver oil

14.    Which company has acquired Dr. Lavesh Bhandari’s Indicus Analyticals ?

15.    This German company has huge presence in Austria & NZ. Also its manufacturing facilities were in Pondichery,T.N. ? Which company? HENKEL

16.    Identify the manufacturer ?


17.    The logo of this commercial vehicle manufacturer is  is the Griffin, the weapon of the Swedish region. Identify the company?

18.    Which Eye wear company has launched a Campaign “One Obsession” ?

19.    Kenyes said  ““____________ should be like watching paint dry or watching grass grow”.

20.    Which Japanese gaming company has launched this game ? ( Hint: First product Playing card).



Questions contributed by Leena Piplani

 1.    Furniture retailer, founded by Rajiv sharma and Ashish goel where Ratan Tata had invested.Name the company.
2.    A pencil brand, a female spirit of the clouds and water in hindu and buddhist mythology.
3.    Launched in mumbai in 1969,glass bottle in two variants- bubbly and still,failing in the market FELICE soon decided to exit the business. name the brand.
4.    Dr. fix it pic.
5.    Ajay singh,co founder of spicejet gave a very famous slogan which was very much popular in 2014.
        Abki bar modi sarkar
6.    Which comapny launched Nimin soap in 2004 and withdrew in 2005. with a tagline of "tandurusti ka josh har pal".
7.    Some organisation call them first impression officer ,some call them service ambassador. who?
8.    Dil ki deal - a campaign by?
9.    Bansibhai vaghani and Dinesh vaghani  started a company in 1972 as a small unit producing plastic items-tumblers,mugs and boxes.
10.    Arthur fielding and marc chavannas set out to create a new kind of wallpaper. they instead invented this which is used in shipping of the parcels.
11.    Till recently for  about four years Tokyo based Mt .Gox was the largest and most important of its kind.what?
12.    Shri LALCHAND ___________?  tell a pharmacy brand.
13.    Company was co-founded by illustrator artist Margaret evans and two others in 1930.
14.    Name the brand founded in 1973 by caberlotto family who were the owners of the football club F.C.
15.    Baron alexandre lamfaussy,the cosmopolitan banker-died on 9th May.known as  the father of the _______ Currency?
16.    Anjan lahiri pic- co- founder of a company with Mr. Ashok soota?
17.    This brand came in 1970.the founder Ravi khurana,head at escorts.he witnessed a fatal accident  involving several of his collegues during a test ride which prompted him to start a helmet manufacturing unit.
18.    In june last year,the network adopted the ancient Indian phrase" vasudhaiv kutumbkam".
        ZEE TV
19.    Which country launched the million reason campaign to woo indian tourists. country name is same as a very famous dish.
20.    Jaipur pink panther is owned by whom?
        Abhishek bacchan
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